18Month Online California DUI Class (SB 38). This class meets requirements for those persons who receive a DUI in California and reside in another state. While this class is NOT Specifically APPROVED FOR CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS or for anyone with a VALID CALIFORNIA DRIVER'S LICENSE we have had many successfully use our courses.
Typically ordered by the Court or Probation, a Victim impact class is an program designed to teach class participants about the human consequences of their offense.
This class is for persons who have been charged with Possession of controlled substance or open intoxicants, Public drunkeness or any offense involving alcohol / drugs that Is not related to driving under the influence. We offer classes from 8 - 24 hours.
This class is for those persons under the age of 21 that Have been charged with consumption of alcohol or Possession of a controlled substance. Not for driving Under the influence. we offer classes from 8 - 24 hours.